Rules for rental of all motorized boats

Rules for rental of all motorized boats

  1. Inspection of the boat and the engine will be done in your presence upon departure and at your return.
  2. Credit card security deposit of $1000. On-site you must present the same credit card used to make your reservation and show a matching piece of government ID with the same name.
  3. All damages to the boat, the engine or any of its components are the sole responsibility of the renter. Smoking is forbidden on all boats.
  4. Approaching the shore will cause damage to the boat and its engine, watch for shallow waters!
  5. Stay at least 100 meters (350 feet) from shore.
  6. Stay at least 100 meters from all buoys. Never pass between the channel marker and the shore line. Respect the buoys on your left on departure and arrival at the dock.
  7. When returning to the dock, reduce speed to minimum in the no wake zone. An attendant will help you dock the boat.
  8. It is strictly forbidden not to dock on the banks. All grounds, beaches, docks, trampolines and water games are private. You will be charged a fine, if we receive a complaint from the owners and if we have to go to the lake to warn you.
  9. Respect the environment. Do not throw garbage overboard, a garbage can would be at your disposal upon arrival.
  10. For safety reasons, glass containers are not recommended on the boat.

Pleasure Craft Operator Card

Do you need a boating license?

In Quebec and the rest of Canada, all operators of a motorized pleasure craft must have proof of competency in their possession. Proof of competency is mandatory, regardless of the age, length of the boat or the strength and type of engine used.

To obtain a pleasure craft license
Here are 3 websites where you can get a boat license: - -

The good practices of boaters


Make sure you have an appropriately sized PFD for each person on board. Your PFD can save your life. Wear it!
Do not consume alcohol or drugs. Driving while impaired is illegal. Did you know that you could lose your driver's license? We suggest a designated driver who can ensure your safety.
Check your safety equipment with our team. Before each departure, make sure that the required equipment works properly.
The WaterSport Center checks the weather conditions before your departure, however we ask you to be vigilant. On the water, the weather can change quickly. Don't be surprised!

The good practices

Reduce your speed near the shores and on your departure and arrival at the quay of the Water Sport Center and respect the speed zones imposed on the bodies of water.
Please be aware that you are legally responsible for the impact of the wave produced by your boat.
Respect the safety distances with swimmers and non-motorized boats or standing boats.
Be courteous: respect local residents and other boaters by reducing the noise and waves produced.

Nautical sports

The practice of nautical activity generating large waves is recommended more than 100 meters from the shore and in an area that is more than 5 meters deep in order to limit your impact on the environment and other users.
Rely on the recommendations of the Nautical Center regarding the speed of your boat when practicing a towed nautical activity. When you are less than 30 meters from another boat: reduce your wave, refrain from acrobatics, repeated circling, intentional capsizing and jumping using the waves of other boats.
When practicing a towed nautical activity (wake, surf, ski, Tube , trippe), make sure you have a lookout, a place on board and enough PFD at all times for each person towed.


Avoid navigating and anchoring in sensitive natural areas to preserve endangered or protected species.
Respect water bodies, it is strictly forbidden to throw your products or waste into the water of Lac Tremblant. Trash and recycling bags are offered to you during your rental.